Nehemiah was called to build a wall for the people and the city. We are called to build life for the people and the city. More Life is in the exciting beginning stages of an expansion project but this project is about so much MORE than a building. It is about increasing our ability to build life! In this devotional you will discover what it means to be a “Life Builder”.

Day 52: What’s Next?

After celebrating the completion of Jerusalem’s wall, Nehemiah finds and excludes all people who are of foreign descent. What is going on here? Why did they do this? Why does the book end this way? Nehemiah’s decision was not about preserving... read more

Day 51: Celebration Makes A Difference

Jerusalem’s wall was finished in 52 days. Amazing! Nehemiah made plans to celebrate. Nehemiah passed out assignments, organized the people, and oversaw every aspect of the celebration. Nehemiah took the celebration as seriously as he took the building of the... read more

Day 50: You Are Not A Number

Why do you suppose Nehemiah records so many names in his account of those returning to settle in Jerusalem? The names serve to focus our attention on the promises God made to His people. They remind the workers they are part of one special family of purpose. Perhaps... read more

Day 49: Making A Difference As A Church

When we say, “We will not neglect the house of God,” it’s an acknowledgement that God has filled our hearts, and our behavior should reflect His love. Living for Jesus is more than showing up to church every week or giving money. When our heart has... read more

Day 48: Be Available

When the situation needed a leader, Nehemiah said, “I volunteer! Here am I, send me!” He had the job, the position that everybody else wants and the problem is a thousand miles away, two months away across the desert on a camel and he says,... read more

Day 46: Concentration

Nehemiah always focused on his goal. He has the ability to maintain his focus in the middle of a project. He doesn’t worry about other things and distractions. There are examples in chapters 2 and 3. In chapter 2, Nehemiah anticipates the problems he’s... read more

Day 45: See Both The Real And The Ideal

Leaders see what’s real and they see what’s ideal and they know that to get from the real to the ideal they have to have help. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Not too many of us like to ask for help. Most of the time we’re real insecure and... read more

Day 44: Make Time To Think

What happens when you pray and plan? God gives you a vision. That’s the mark of all leadership. You’ve got to have vision to be a leader. Proverbs 13:16 “A wise man thinks ahead; a fool doesn’t and even brags about it!” Prov. 14:8... read more

Day 43: Faithfulness

Hanani and Hananiah, had a track record. He knew them both. Hanani was the guy who came all the way back to Persia to tell Nehemiah in the first place that the wall was down. He said, “Please come back and help us.” Nehemiah prayed about it and said,... read more

Day 42: Godliness

Nehemiah looked for people who take their relationship with God seriously. “… he was a man of integrity and he feared God more than most men do.” What does fear mean? To have reverence for God. This guy had a walk with the Lord. When God looks for... read more

Day 41: Integrity

Notice he says, “I put in charge of Jerusalem my brother Hanani, along with Hananiah, the commander of the citadel, because he was a man of integrity.” The bottom line in leadership is integrity. If you can’t be trusted, who’s going to follow... read more

Day 40: No Visible Qualifications

Once the walls had been rebuilt, Jerusalem needed new leaders—you would think they would be individuals with a lengthy resume and accolades of all kinds. But instead, Nehemiah gave responsibility for the city to Hanani and Hananiah. These men had no visible... read more

Day 39: The Dividing Line

Chapter 7 is the dividing line in this book. There are two phases in Nehemiah’s life. Number one the construction phase. Number two is the consolidation phase. Chapter 1-6 is the construction of the wall. Chapters 7-13 is the consolidation of the city. These are... read more

Day 38: Leading Well

I can’t believe we have made it this far! I especially cant believe I have made it this far in a study of one of the greatest examples of leadership without talking about leadership!! The next several days I will be sharing some leadership content. I know what you are... read more

Day 37: Builders Involve Others

The first thing Nehemiah does after they finish the wall and put up the gates is he involves others. There are three different kinds of leaders he appoints here. 1. Gatekeepers — these were guards, watchmen, the police of the city. 2. Singers — these were... read more

Day 36: Two Emotions

When I read that I have two emotions:  one that I want to breathe a sigh of relief for the guy and say, “Congratulations Nehemiah, you made it!  You finished!  You did what you came to do!  Relax!  Take it easy now!”  Another emotion causes the question,... read more

Day 35: Prayer Addict

Nehemiah was a prayer addict.  His first response to everything was prayer.  No matter what happened, he first prayed.  That’s the number one thing you do when you’re slandered.  Instead of taking it out on the person, you talk it out with God.  Nehemiah... read more

Day 34: A Compelling Purpose

Great lives are produced by a commitment to a great cause.  Great people are just ordinary people who have made a great commitment to a great cause.  That cause draws them out of themselves and makes them more than they could be on their own.  You need a compelling... read more

Day 33: A Compelling Purpose

Great lives are produced by a commitment to a great cause.  Great people are just ordinary people who have made a great commitment to a great cause.  That cause draws them out of themselves and makes them more than they could be on their own.  You need a compelling... read more

Day 32: God-Sized Perception

Nehemiah was a very perceptive person.  He realized that this wasn’t advised from the Lord.  This guy said he was from God, “I know!  I have a word to you from the Lord.  Run and hide in the Temple.”  Have you noticed that some people who say... read more

Day 25: Bringers of Freedom

The families are deep in debt. Some have borrowed to the point that their children are taken into slavery. Can you imagine being so pressured by your financial situation that you put your own children’s freedom in jeopardy? Well, that is exactly what is happening in... read more

Day 24: High Return People

The people’s vineyards, lands, and houses were at risk because of outrageous taxes imposed by the king. Now, the people suffered doubly as their Jewish leaders extended loans with enormous interest rates. Their leaders behaved like loan sharks, and it led to slavery.... read more

Day 23: In The Hand Of A Difference Maker

Armed with the truth of the Bible, we can withstand Satan’s lies and the self-doubt that plagues our minds. With God’s Word hidden in our hearts, we can avoid giving into sin and step confidently into the future. Like those building the wall, we must take our enemy... read more

Day 22: We Haven’t Been Left Defenseless

Nehemiah realized his opposition posed a real and menacing threat. To stay ready, Nehemiah had the people keep their swords close by at all times. He took his enemy seriously and prepared people to defend themselves at a moment’s notice. This level of vigilance is... read more

Day 21: A Key Factor In The Building

Do you have a heart to work? They did. A key factor in the building of the wall was a people whose entire heart was in it. Don’t lose heart! Guard your heart. Half-hearted Christians drive me crazy! I’d rather hear a person cuss than to see something done half-way.... read more

Day 19: 90% or 10%?

Here’s something to seriously ponder as we finish chapter three. Study after study shows that about 90% of the work done in a church is completed by only about 10% of the people in the church. This is true across the board from small congregations to mega churches.... read more

Day 17: Your Work Is Important

As you’re reading chapter three, you have probably thought ‘wow Jerusalem has a lot of gates.’ It’s true Jerusalem did have a lot of gates back then, some less prestigious than others and let’s face it most people could only name only a couple if they tried. However,... read more

Day 14: God Prospers the Plans of Doers

Nehemiah did more than complain about a problem. He did more than pray. Nehemiah acted. With courage, Nehemiah spoke to the king. Not satisfied with, “Someone else will do it,” Nehemiah boldly made his request to the king. While we all doubt God sometimes, it is... read more

Day 13: Arise and Build

People respond to the “why.” What God has called you to is most likely larger than you. You will need help. Nehemiah told the people what God had said, and some people got involved, and some didn’t. The ones who identified as builders DID SOMETHING! They strengthened... read more

Day 12: Stay Focused on the “Why”

Nehemiah takes three more days to size things up in Jerusalem before he speaks to the officials, the priests, and the nobles. When he does speak, he doesn’t speak only concerning “how” and “what.” He talks about “why.” We live in a world, like Nehemiah, filled... read more

Day 11: Opposition Begins

Not everyone is going to be excited when you take the initiative. Sanballat (who will show up several times during the project) was the leader of the criticizers and distractors. His purpose was to create fear. Some people fear ever stepping out for the LORD because... read more

Day 10: Five Qualities of Initiators

WOW! You have made it to day 10. Your reward? The shortest devotional to date on the 52-day journey. Five Qualities of Initiators: Know what they want. Push themselves to act. Take more risks. Make mistakes. Go with their gut.   Read Nehemiah... read more

Day 9: Take Initiative

Nehemiah couldn’t imagine standing still when he heard of the broken walls. He had to act. Of all the things we should avoid, complacency should be near the top of the list. What enables us to initiate? A knowing. Something in your heart/gut that prompts you to... read more

Day 8: Timing

What caused Nehemiah to wait? I don’t know for sure, but he might have been waiting on several things. Here are a few things that my waiting has been centered around: Ownership of the burden and vision A foundation of prayer to be laid Readiness with a plan Trust to... read more

Day 7: Positioned Perfectly

Nehemiah saw something that broke his heart in December and prayed about it until April. He prayed and waited. Then it happened. At just the right moment, Nehemiah was able to speak with the king. The king opened doors and provided the resources Nehemiah desperately... read more

Day 6: Pray for the Favor of God

Nehemiah prayed for favor.  Never forget that God’s favor is upon all His children at all times; even in the seemingly darkest moments. The Psalmist prayed “Give me a sign of your goodness, that my enemies may see it and be put to shame” (Psalm 86:17). How true this... read more

Day 5: Pray the Promises of God

Nehemiah prayed the promises of God. He remembers the promises given by God to Moses, His servant, and prays accordingly so that he and the other exiled people could go back to their homeland. Part of our prayer times should involve claiming, trusting and speaking out... read more

Day 4: Focus on the Greatness of God

Nehemiah focused on the greatness of the One he was praying to. He identifies his God with the terms, ‘God of Heaven,’ ‘great’ and ‘awesome,’ and as the One ‘who keeps His covenant of love.’ Understanding who his God was, moved Nehemiah to immediate... read more

Day 2: What Breaks Your Heart?

What Breaks Your Heart? Nehemiah was brokenhearted, but he didn’t tackle the problem immediately. Why? He first needed to bring his burden before the Lord. Consider this: What are you burdened about? Look around. What breaks your heart? What has God put in front of... read more

Day 1: Some Walls Are Good

An ancient city without a wall was wide open to be plundered by enemies. A city’s walls helped to protect people and their households. Walls provided security. Nehemiah was grieved when he heard that the wall of Jerusalem was “broken down.” Often today we talk about... read more