expanding our reach

Touching More Lives With His Message Of Hope, Grace, and Transformation

Through the Expanding Our Reach initiative, our aim is to further the Kingdom of Heaven by sharing the life change found in the Gospel. God is leading More Life Church to 'cast a wider net' and share the Gospel with those not only inside the confines of our building, but also within communities we have not previously reached.

To fulfill this vision, we are embarking on a matching campaign with a goal of raising $450,000. We have been honored by private donors who believe in our vision and have generously contributed $225,000 as a matching gift towards our initiatives. Their commitment is to match every dollar donated by our congregation, up to $225,000

The journey towards 'Expanding Our Reach' is not just about financial contributions but a testament to our collective faith, commitment, and vision for a better and brighter future. Let this be an act of unity and faith, to sow into this vision, trusting that the Lord will multiply our efforts and bless our endeavors as we follow His plan.

Our church has thrived because of our partners' willingness to make a difference. As we look to 'Expand Our Reach', I pray that you'll join hands, believing in the future we're setting forth and the many lives that stand to be changed. Together with love, prayer, and generosity, we can achieve this vision. Thank you in advance for playing a pivotal role in this exciting chapter in More Life Church's story.

community outreach and missions

Community Outreach and Missions: By Expanding Our Outreach, we aspire to serve our community and share God's love with those who have not yet encountered Him. Our outreach initives will include missions trips to Honduras, teaching to Bible students in Kenya, local outreach through a backpack and Christmas initiative and furthering partnership with LifeWise Academy.

regional campus in muskingham county

Regional Campus in Muskingum County: One of our boldest steps will be establishing a new regional campus in Muskingum County. This campus will act as a beacon of light for the community, providing spiritual nourishment and fostering a sense of unity. We covet your prayers over the coming months as we move forward from the planning phase to launching this campus. We ask that you specifically pray for us to: find the right place, find the right people, and have plenty of provision.

Upstairs East renovations

Infrastructure and Facilities Enhancement: To accommodate our church family, a portion of the funds will be directed toward finishing the upstairs east part of the building. This renovation will include classroom space, a war room, additional work spaces as well as additional offices. We believe that the finishing of these spaces will serve our church immediately as Elevate YTH will have a dedicated space on Sunday mornings, as well as additional classroom for Connect and Small Group meetings.

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